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Helping Hearts

WCPS Offers Mental Health Support Services To Students

Helping Hearts


WCPS is available for any student needing mental health services at this time. Our professional and qualified staff are available to serve students through a variety of resources.  Among the options is, Helping Hearts, a web page dedicated to the emotional health and wellness of our students.  It houses important information to equip families with a variety of resources available for mental health and other issues impacting our students. There is a Helping Hearts Care Report section where students and parents can report concerns.  Below are some tips for focusing on your mental health. 


  • Focus On Things We Can Control: 

    • W.I.N. (What’s Important Now)

  • Take a Break from Local News or Social Media

  • Create a Daily Routine and/or Schedule

  • Stay Busy & Occupy Ourselves with Daily Chores

  • Exercise or Go For a Walk Outside

  • Focus on Meaningful Goal Directed Activities

  • Reach Out or Connect to Others 

    • Friends, Family

  • Focus on How to Support Others

    • Send Cards to Local Nursing Homes or Elders in the Community

    • Help a Neighbor

  • Journal

  • Read a Book

  • Engage in a Family Activity

    • Family Game or Movie Night

  • Engage in Fun Craft Activities

  • Self Care Activities

    • Spiritual Activities, Hygiene, Resting



National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Local Help 1-800-273-8255

Lifeskills- 270-901-5000

Crisis Text line text HOME to 741741

Rivendell- 270-843-1199