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Allergy Awareness Resources

The safety of our students continues to be our number one priority.  Food allergies are on the rise and many of our JRES students are affected by a variety of allergies. Here at JRES, we have at least one or two students in every grade level who have at least one food allergy this school year.   

As there currently is no cure for food allergies, anyone with a food allergy must observe strict avoidance of the allergens. Therefore, we have many safety policies in place at our school, including a very basic safety rule by teaching our students to never share food or touch someone else's food. 

We know that our JRES families are very respectful and will want to help us keep a safe learning environment for all students. Below is a variety of resources to help us all become more aware of the challenges facing our students with allergies and ways we can help as a school community.  Most of the resources below were found at

Be a Pal to Protect a Friend With Allergies click HERE

Learn more about reading a food label HERE

Non-food Treat Ideas can be a great alternative to birthday celebrations at school. Many of our families who have students with allergies appreciate it when another family chooses a non-food treat to celebrate.  You can view a list of ideas for non-food treats HERE and HERE.

Peanut Allergy Overview click HERE

Tree Nut Allergy Overview click HERE

Egg Allergy Overview click HERE

Milk Allergy Overview click HERE

Test Your Food Allergy Knowledge by taking this short quiz HERE

Book Titles in our library that address food allergies click HERE

Community Support Groups for Allergy Awareness click HERE

You may view information for parent volunteers regarding planning class parties and other school-wide events, while keeping students with allergies in mind, by clicking HERE.