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Meet the Fourth Grade Team

Lacey Carter
Jessica Cox
Kristen Denney 
Allison Pearson 
Calee Whittaker

Welcome to 4th Grade

4th grade is an exciting, educational adventure through engaging and challenging learning experiences.  Students are not only striving to reach their academic WIGS, they are also learning to work respectfully with others and build friendships.  By following the 7 Habits our students develop and strengthen their leadership skills and these skills are used not only in 4th grade, but for a lifetime.  


In Science, students will be engaged in a variety of investigations over four main topics: Energy Conversions; Waves, Energy, and Information; Earth’s Features; Vision and Light. While learning about these topics, students will also learn Engineering Practices within each unit. 


In math, students will learn by exploring math concepts through the use of manipulatives along with a variety of strategies.  They will explain the relationships between addition, subtraction, multiplication and division while also focusing on fractions, geometry, and measurement systems.  Using a growth mindset students will develop and deepen their love for learning math.  


In reading we will focus on vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. We will find a balance between learning and revisiting reading skills, while also exploring stories and activities that will help students grow a love for reading and a drive to seek new stories and texts.